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         The Erdkunni Sippe of Palm Bay, Florida was founded in the year 2007 C.E. on Heilagnaht/Altmagnaht (Hallowe'en), initially an Asatru Kindred. We began under the name Valgt Blod ("Chosen Blood") Kindred, which was later changed on account of its Scandinavian origins. Erdkunni Sippe is a Folkish Germanic Heathen group, reconstructing the ancestral way (Forn Sedr) of pre-Christian Germanic tribes. We are fiercely family oriented and make a goal of being beneficial to our Heathen communities.
        The Elder Kin lived in a time when dependance on your folk was necessary, despite personal grudges, regardless of all vendettas. A man was measured by his usefulness to his tribe, the worth that was built up by his own deeds. The popular Nine Noble Virtues reflect this, however often misconstrued: Self-Reliance. Due to Asatru's inception in a period when it was individually practiced, predating the Theodish advent, the concept of "Self-Reliance" fell into accordance with such macho-mannish ideaologies as "Standing before our gods, rather than kneeling." This has afforded no measure of difficulty for reconstructionist scholars; at the point when the Old Belief began to resurface, extensive research into the tribal philosophies had not been conducted, and was based of a principal rebelling against Christiandoms snivelling, grovelling disposition to Jehova, where the followers are expected to prostrate themselves, while each person depended on his Church-men and God to assist in a life of prosperity.
        "Self-Reliance" is not, albeit for some it remains, a personal evaluation, or a display of one's ability to thrive solitarily. In the conciousness of the gislahti (tribes) of our Elder Kin, "Self" applied to one's whole community, "Reliance" being a well-nourished, active society. The Smith was Smithing, the Warriors Warring, Children Growing, and Families being unified. Rites being tended to, temples kept impeccable, so on and so forth. Thus, "Self-Reliance" is falling into syncronization with one's innate skills and passions which could serve to benefit your community and establish a firm, deducable worth.
        We do not support 'nor condone racism, which is an inherently irrational disdain for foreign and unapproved peoples; do not confuse us for a White Supremacist organization or a approving of "skin-head" agendas.

Do not expect acceptance among our ranks if you fall into this said philosophy.

        Erdkunni Sippe is derived of Old High Germanic "kunni" (denoting a race, variant, or a kind) and Erda. "Erda" is earth, but, when one looks further, Erda is also the OHG form of Jord- mother of Donner, Warder of Mittigart. Directly translated, then, Erdkunni means "People of Mittigart/Earth," or "Erda's Folc."