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         First and foremost, any Heathen who wishes to become a prospective member of the Erdkunni Sippe must undergo an unspecified time period of skalkdom (thralldom). This permits one the opportunity to become familiar with our Laws and practices, which may differ from one's preferances. Skalkdom is the beginning of one's worthing process, or illuminating usefulness and reason for eventual acceptance to our numbers. It also gives enough lee-way that if one venturing into Heathenry finds, after a sojourn in skalkdom, that the practice, or specifically the Sippe, is not to their taste, they can depart with no concern on either side for the endangerment of luck or magan.
         Skalks have no vote, no influence, and no honor recognized by the Gods or Men.
         p>          If interested, please email the following information to Slednogg Ralphsson at any of the proceeding addresses:

Number of Years/Months Practicing:
Specific Traits which may be Beneficial:
Patron Deity/ies: