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Months OHG:

January (into February) - Hartmânôd (Month of Severe Frost)
February (into March) - Hermânôd (Hoar month)
March (into April) - Lenzomânôd (Lent Month)
April (into May) - Ôstarmânôd (Ostara Month)
May (into June) - Uuuîmânôd (Blissful Month
June (into July) - Brachmânôd (Fallow Month)
July (into August) - Heuuîmânôd (Hay Month)
August (into September) - Aranmânôd (Month of Harvest)
September (into October) - Skeidentimânôd (Summer's end month)
October (into November - Gelomânôd (Yellow Month)
November (into December) - Nebulmânôd (Mist Month)
December (into January) - Iulmânôd (Yule Month)
Intercalary Summer Month - Anderbrachmânôd (Second Fallow Month)